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Our Process

Urban Refurbishment employs BuilderTrend, a robust project management tool. Clients enjoy streamlined interactions, accessing schedules, tracking progress, communicating, managing selections, addressing warranties, and making payments, all in one place. Accessible via computers and mobiles, ensuring connectivity on the go. We prioritize transparency and provide regular updates and insights. Project details are handed over on a jump drive for clients to retain.

The residential remodeling process typically involves several stages, including Initial Consultation, Estimation, Project development and Construction. Here's a brief overview of each stage:

Financial Consultation

Initial Consultation:

We love sitting down with homeowners to dive into their dreams and goals for their remodeling project. Armed with some ballpark figures, we'll assess the feasibility of their ideas, craft a budget that works, and begin shaping the project's scope. It's all about turning those aspirations into a concrete plan that will bring their vision to life.


Image by Daniel McCullough

Design and Development:

Here, you can opt for your design partners or tap into our network of skilled local architects and designers. Urban Refurbishment respects your choice. Budget clarity is paramount; we'll convey your goals to the team. Expect consistent pricing updates and valuable insights during design refinements, whether working with familiar collaborators or forging new creative connections.


Image by Annie Gray


After finalizing design, ordering selections, and securing permits, we protect unaffected areas from debris and start remodeling. Our skilled subcontractors, guided by a tailored schedule, ensure efficient progress while maintaining quality. Weekly on-site meetings, either in-person or via Google Meet, keep everyone informed. We prioritize timely completion through tools like BuilderTrend, upholding our reputation and client confidence.




Upon project completion, we'll walk through your transformed space together, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Your satisfaction is our priority. With a wealth of decisions and information, we're here to ease the process. We'll even transfer BuilderTrend data to a jump drive—an accessible archive of project documents in your pocket, granting swift access whenever required.


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Minneapolis-based residential remodeling contractor

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