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Tips For Boosting Curb Appeal: UrbanRefurbishment

Updated: Mar 22

Boosting Curb Appeal

What's the first thing you notice when you walk up to a house? If you said the landscaping, exterior paint, or front door - you already understand the impact of curb appeal! Curb appearance refers to the aesthetic quality of a property as viewed from the streets.

The main objective of boosting curb appeal is to create an everlasting first impression on the home. That immediate wow factor makes passersby stop and admire your home. In Minnesota, where the changing seasons bring unique challenges, boosting curb appeal becomes a dynamic and rewarding project. 

Did you know? Homes with upgraded curb appeal sell for 20% more on average, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. Does your home's exterior need a refresh? Take this 30-second quiz to find out!

1. How old is your exterior paint? 

A. 0-5 years B. 5-10 years C. 10+ years

2. Do you have weathered siding or roof shingles?

A. Yes, a few spots B. Yes, several areas C. No, it all looks new

3. How would you describe your landscaping?

A. Well-maintained B. Could use some TLC C. Mostly overgrown

Be honest - if you picked mostly B's or C's your home likely needs a curb appeal refresh!

Advantages of adding curb appeal to your home:

  • Increases resale value

  • Attracts potential buyers

  • Enhanced pride of ownership

  • Long-lasting first impression

Top 10 Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal:

Here are the tips to increase the attractiveness of your home from the street. Enter like a King and Queen into your palace with a beautiful entrance. 

1. Lush Landscaping:

Boosting Curb Appeal

Curb appeal landscaping refers to using of beauty of nature like flowers, plants, and trees to create a greenery outdoor/front yard. Imagine stepping out of your front yard with colorful flower beds of lavender, daisies, and asters.

In spring, buds burst on the peach tree and vivid purple irises and yellow tulips bloom. Summer brings deep green grass, full hostas, and clusters of red roses climbing the arbor. The fall foliage of the Japanese maple glows crimson and the ornamental grasses turn gold. 

Evergreen shrubs keep structure during Minnesota winters as snow blankets the garden. Moreover, good lawn maintenance and well-placed decorative rocks contribute to the visual interest thus making it an oasis of a garden.

Achieving this welcoming habitat look boosts perceived home value by increasing beauty and seasonal interest. The textures, colors, and layers draw you outside to wander the winding garden path. As one of the best Home renovation contractors in Minnesota, we have completed many successful curb appeal transformations..!

2. Eye-Catching Front Door:

Boosting Curb Appeal

They say the front door is the home's handshake - make yours stand out! Click to open the possibilities of a dazzling entryway centerpiece. 

A cheerful sunflower yellow with white trim pops against the gray siding. Glossy black with a modern brushed steel handle exudes sophisticated welcomes. Choose a rich navy with bright brass fittings and stained wood grain for a timeless charm.

Or maybe a vivid red front door is more your style? The bold color draws eyes while contrasting beautifully with neutral walls. Install sidelights and a transom window above to flood the foyer with natural light. Adorn with a lively wreath or vibrant potted blooms.

With just paint, a few upgraded accents, and thoughtful details, refresh your home's first impression. Let visitors know they are entering somewhere special when they cross this captivating threshold!

3. Seasonal Decor:

Looking to accent your home's landscaping across seasons for maximum curb appeal? Click on the season below to visualize gorgeous exterior updates throughout the year! 

The summer season requires colorful outdoor cushions and beach decor. Fall has the comfort of warming up with pumpkin and earthly colors. Winter brings little lights, holly wreaths, and cozy blankets. Whether it’s about the beauty of flowering, the soundness when leaves crunch, or just a snowy atmosphere, seasonal decor keeps you in accord with nature as well. Enjoy the happiness of every season with small, pleasant changes.

Small decor updates keep your home exterior feeling fresh and inviting year-round! Welcome guests with a well-dressed charm all year long!


4. Outdoor Lighting:

Boosting Curb Appeal

Illuminate your home’s best features and create an inviting glow for nighttime curb appeal. Upward spotlights showcase towering trees while downlights on steps increase safety. Line the entry with modern sconces and highlight architectural details.

Lace string lights through the landscaping for a whimsical ambiance on balmy nights. Wall lanterns flanking the garage door add symmetry while pathway lights guide guests.

Create a deck or patio oasis with an overhead pendant casting a warm glow. Enhance security and mood with these customized lighting layers. Consult local stores and contractors to make your home shine after dark!

5. Charming Window Boxes:

Boosting Curb Appeal

Transform your curb appeal and add personality to the exterior of your home with a mailbox upgrade. Select materials that are suitable for the weather in Minnesota and provide durability and style. The upgraded mailbox is a little but effective detail that reveals your originality.

Consider some alternatives, like old-school-looking mailboxes or contemporary designs to get the right fit for your house. This easy upgrade not only catches attention but also enhances the character of your home.

6. Fresh Exterior Paint:

Boosting Curb Appeal

A new coat of exterior paint works wonders to refresh a home's look! A crisp white makes trim details pop while lending a classic, elegant style. Shades of light blue or airy gray add a subtle dimension for potential buyers to customize in their imagination.

And what about that bold crimson front door? The red door against crisp white siding screams classic character. Coordinate colors with your roof, stone accents, and surrounding nature for a seamless exterior flow.

7. Unique House Numbers:

Make your home stand out from the start with custom house numbers! Classic black numbers on a white background always look sharp. Or go for a nature theme with birch wood numbers that blend earthy and modern. Display your personality with rainbow palette numbers across a neutral facade. For more visit: Forbes.

Opt for sleek stainless steel numbers for a contemporary vibe or wrought iron script for vintage farmhouse charm. Include external lighting to make finding your home a cinch after dark. With the right unique house numbers, make a personalized first impression. 

8. Clean and Tidy Exterior:

Keeping the exterior of your house clean and tidy is a reinvention. Now picture the perfect white sparkling driveway, gleaming windows, and trimmed hedges—that type of curb appeal that turns heads. This straightforward yet effective method not only improves aesthetics but also provides a comfortable feel.

Remove debris, sweep surfaces clean with power washing, and avoid walkways full of clutter. Bring some charm with beautiful potted plants. The appealing exterior isn’t solely a question of beauty but an invitation to a neatly maintained living space. 

9. Create Perfect Symmetry:

Not only aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical design highlights features of ease in arrangement that come with it. Its perfectly balanced composition allows entryways to aerate naturally, making them friendly and helping boost curb appeal.

With two sidelights to its sides, this door is proof of the power The sconces look like lanterns, providing a comfortable light and guiding visitors while reflecting the sophistication of the hardware on both doors and flanking urns.

10. Add Outdoor Art:

Infuse personality into your landscape with eye-catching outdoor art! Standing metal sculptures make a bold art statement amidst flowers while kinetic spinning mobiles create delightful motion against siding. Handpainted planter pots display localized scenes for community connection. Framed prints mounted on exterior walls portray striking photography that you rotate seasonally.

Sculptures, customized doormats, wind chimes, and beyond inject playful textures that differentiate your home. Commission local artists or craft your backyard gallery exhibition worth driving by. Show off what makes your style unique through alfresco artwork!


The curb appeal idea refers to the immediate wow factor that people make when crossing a house. Lush summer gardens give way to blankets of winter snow. Fall leaves adorn a lively red door while spring flowers burst from window boxes. Outdoor lighting casts a glow on artwork as unique numbers welcome all against a fresh facade.

Harmonize curb appeal with each captivating season! Ready to help your requirements with a focus on doing the right work, faster and better. Take Urban Refurbishment out for contact.


1. How to Add Curb Appeal?

Ans: The curb appeal can be added by improving landscaping, installing an eye-catching front door, adding seasonal decorations, outdoor lighting, window boxes, fresh exterior paint, unique house numbers, keeping the exterior tidy, creating symmetry, adding outdoor art, and so on. 

2. What is Curb Appeal?

Ans: Curb appeal refers to the aesthetic quality of a property as viewed from the streets, creating a positive and lasting first impression.

3. How to Improve Curb Appeal or How to Increase Curb Appeal?

Ans: Boost curb appeal by incorporating lush landscaping, an appealing front door, seasonal decor, outdoor lighting, charming window boxes, fresh exterior paint, unique house numbers, a clean exterior, perfect symmetry, and outdoor art.

4. How to Add Curb Appeal to a flat front house?

Ans: Enhance a flat front house's curb appeal with landscaping, a vibrant front door, seasonal decor, outdoor lighting, charming window boxes, fresh paint, unique house numbers, a clean exterior, perfect symmetry, and outdoor art.

5. How much does curb appeal add to home value:

Ans: Homes with upgraded curb appeal sell for 20% more on average according to data from the National Association of Realtors.


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