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The Most Economical Outdoor kitchen Ideas & Designs: 2024 Guide

Minnesota is a land of endless lakes and beautiful scenery. That is the reason why Minnesotans enjoy their outdoors every season. In the summer the outdoors becomes a favorite place for rest and entertainment. Outdoor entertainment is a place for family and friends to gather. But by incorporating innovative ideas it is possible to get a high-level outdoor experience in your backyard. 

The primary aspect of enjoying the outdoors includes developing a perfect outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen is a great place to cook outside, designed to be an extension of your house for partying and eating outdoors. If you incorporate appropriate design features, your outdoor space will become a complete gourmet oasis that fits perfectly with the beauty of Minnesota. 

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Simple outdoor kitchen ideas involve creating a portable outdoor kitchen with all the functionalities for cooking and making it a party place. The Simple outdoor kitchen ideas involve all elements from storage space, rolling cart or table, grilling station, cozy atmosphere with string lights with potted plants, and so on.

Choosing durable material for the outdoor kitchen for countertops and others should be carefully done. Urban Refurbishment has well-qualified professionals to assist you with the entire outdoor space remodeling. 

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Ideas:

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

  1. Save on your electricity bills in summer by reducing the use of indoor air conditioners. Enjoy outdoor cooking with fresh air. 

  2. No more going in and out of the house – everything is within reach. Social gatherings and events are best hosted in outdoor kitchens as they offer the perfect setting. 

  3. An attractive outdoor kitchen can increase the revalue of your house by quite a large amount. It is an appealing feature of your property that interests potential buyers.

  4. Few people can’t tolerate the smell of some foods, like bacon and other certain odors can last for days. When you transfer your cooking to an outdoor kitchen, the smells will disappear in the outside air and keep the cooking odor-free. 

  5. Healthy cooking with wide opportunities for cooking lies in grilling, smoking and even preparing wood-fired pizzas in an outdoor kitchen. It provides a variety of cooking techniques, improving overall enjoyment.

Things to consider in Outdoor Kitchen Design:

Things to consider in Outdoor Kitchen Designs

There are several factors to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen to ensure that it is functional, durable, and aesthetically appealing. Here are key aspects to keep in mind when planning your outdoor kitchen design, particularly in the context of Minnesota's diverse climate:

1. Climate Considerations:

As is the case in Minnesota, summers are usually hot while winter seasons tend to be cold. In designing an effective outdoor kitchen, these changes need to be considered. Choose materials that would tolerate temperatures of intense cold and extreme heat and also remain unaffected when it rains or other sources of moisture are forced upon them in addition to being UV resistant. 

2. Durability and Maintenance:

The materials used in outdoor kitchens have to be highly durable, heat-resistant, and strain-resistant. Granite, Quartz, concrete, and stainless steel are the best materials for countertops whereas stainless steel is for cabinets and appliances.

The outdoor floor has to be durable and slip-resistant. Pavers, bricks, and stamped concrete are great choices for flooring. These materials offer easy maintenance and cleaning. Keeping the appliances covered or storing them safe in your basement during the off-season extends the lifetime of the products. 

3. Utility connections:

Ensure proper access to essential utilities like water, gas, and electricity. Consider the placement of gas lines for grills and other appliances, and plan for a water source for a sink. 

4. Zoning and Permits:

Before beginning an outdoor kitchen project, we must be aware of the local building codes and zoning regulations. Suitable permits have to be availed to ensure that the outdoor kitchen design meets safety regulations and local bylaws. 

Layout and Flow

Design the layout with full functionality and easy access to counter space, all equipment, and the serving space. Create zones for different cooking activities, food preparation, and serving. Ensure a smooth flow between these zones to make the cooking and entertaining process well managed. Factors such as wind direction and sunlight are to be considered when placing cooking and seating areas. 

Read additionally: Best Remodeling Contractors.

6. Shelter and Shade:

With the changing weather conditions in Minnesota, shelter or shade has to be properly weatherproofed. Choose to install a pergola, an awning, or some roof structure to protect your outdoor kitchen from rain, snow, and bright sun. It not only makes the room more functional but also protects your appliances and furniture.

Make sure the chosen shelter is designed as a shield from climate change like a soldier’s Army Combat Uniform.  

7. Lighting:

Consider placing lighting to enhance both the safety and ambiance of your outdoor kitchen. Add proper lighting over cooking and preparation areas, and also add ambient lighting for dining and entertaining. LED lights are energy-efficient and can withstand outdoor conditions.

Make your outdoor night party colorful with different colors of LED light strings added over the pergola or the trees. click here for Outdoor Kitchen ideas info.

8. Mosquito and Pest Management:

Insects and Bugs become a nuisance in the warm climate and spoil your outdoor fun and entertainment. Proper cleaning of the leftovers and garbage mainly helps you avoid mosquitoes and insects. Other ways to avoid insects are,

  • Store food in containers

  • Keep the garbage clean and closed

  • Avoid stagnant water which becomes a breeding place for insects

  • Install instant fans

  • Plant herbs like mint or basil

  • Use Bug lanterns and zappers. 

Urban Refurbishment has certified and experienced professionals to ensure the above factors are fulfilled keeping in mind the potential challenges posed by winter freezing and hot summer. Have a safe and happy outdoor cooking. 

Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Appliances:

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

  • Quality Grill

  • Refrigerator

  • Sink

  • Storage Space

  • Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Outdoor Smoker

  • Outdoor Warming Drawers

  • Outdoor Ice Maker

  • Outdoor Ventilation Hoods

  • Outdoor Dishwasher

  • Outdoor Side Burners

  • Outdoor Barbecue Island

Setting up a small outdoor kitchen is a great and brilliant choice. Small outdoor kitchen ideas maximize space and style. Opt for compact grills, foldable tables, and vertical storage. Utilize multifunctional elements like built-in benches with hidden storage.

Create an intimate atmosphere with string lights, potted herbs, and portable appliances. Transform limited space into a charming culinary haven with thoughtful design.


Create an outdoor kitchen that is more functional and beautiful to entertain the climate of Minnesota. The advantages of the outdoor kitchen are endless from best party place to raising the value of your home.

Carefully plan the outdoor kitchen by choosing a functional and stylish layout with energy-efficient appliances. Schedule a free consultation or send us your specifications: Urban refurbishment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why are outdoor kitchens popular in Minnesota during the summer?

Ans: Minnesotans embrace outdoor living spaces, especially during summer, making outdoor kitchens a favored spot for relaxation and entertainment.

2. What are the benefits of incorporating outdoor kitchen ideas?

Ans: Outdoor kitchens make entertaining easier, increase home value, and provide versatility in cooking techniques, offering a complete gourmet oasis.

3. How can you protect your outdoor kitchen from Minnesota's changing weather?

Ans: Installing pergolas, awnings, or roof structures provides shelter from rain, snow, and sun, enhancing functionality and safeguarding appliances. Certified Professionals like Urban Refurbishment will address the potential challenges when choosing the materials. 

4. What are the key considerations for setting up an all-in-one barbecue island in Minnesota?

Ans: Barbecue islands come with built-in grills, storage, countertops, and more, providing a cohesive and stylish outdoor cooking space for a comprehensive outdoor kitchen setup.


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