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Moody and Modern Color Schemes for Minnesota Homes in 2024

A collage of paintbrushes and kitchen

If you want your home design to convey the right mood, you have to be aware of the power of color and use it correctly. Color has a powerful impact on the creation of the sensation in a place. Whether you are trying to get that warm, intimate setting or some energetic and lively space, the colors you choose will bring out that ambiance you want to display.

In Minnesota, where the winters can be severe and prolonged, creating a contrasting moody, and contemporary color scheme will provide warmth, depth, and elegance to your spaces. Selecting the right colors for your home may be both alluring and confusing. Creating a design based on the surroundings is one way of promoting a balanced living space. Don’t worry, the best remodeling contractors will guide you through all these details before starting the home renovation.

The Psychology of Color

Color shades

Before introducing concrete colors, it is important to understand how colors make people feel and create a mood. Colors are not just mere aesthetic points but powerful tools to manipulate viewer perception, emotions, and overall well-being. Typically warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow are associated with energy, passion, and excitement, whereas cool tones like blue, green, and purple give out feelings of calmness, serenity, and tranquility.

Blue: Blue denotes stability and peace, occupying about 30% of the color selections in the bedroom area.

Yellow: The yellow color is bright and cheerful, occupying about 20% of picked shades in kitchens and dining areas.

Grey: Grey is a universal and essential color. It is used in living rooms and common areas representing around 35% of the color selections.

Why Color Matters

Before getting into particular color combinations, it is necessary to understand and use the basic theory of colors and how they will influence the finished design of the room.

Warm vs. Cool

The pigments red, orange, and yellow are expressive as they provide both energy and warmth. The monochrome effect of cool shades such as blue, green, and purple has a soothing, harmonizing effect, unlike the energetic effect of warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

Light vs. Dark

The choice of a lighter color on the walls will make the room appear more spacious and fresh having the effect of lightening up the room, however, picking a darker color will create a visual effect of depth and added drama.


Remember that this dip gives you a hint of color, so choose undertones accordingly as well. The temperature can either warm you up and relax or, vice versa, can make you "alert".

Popular Color Trends in 2024

Selecting colors for remodelling the home


When it comes to interior design, gray, beige, and tappet color options remain the popular choice and makeup 40% of the choices.

Bold Accents

The trend of vibrant shades such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and coral is on the rise, comprising roughly 25% of color selection.

Earthy Tones

The colors like forest green, terracotta, and deep plum, inspired by nature, are becoming more and more popular, including about 20% of the spectrum.

Moody and Modern Color Combinations


The current trend for interior designers is the use of moody and modern color schemes because they are capable of making a space appear more layered, classy, and elegant at the same time. Modern color schemes can be minimalist which inherits neutral base colors which include grey, white, and beige. Often, accent colors are saturated, bold hues such as deep blue, berry, emerald green, and intense burnt orange.

As for the nature-inspired colors based on earthy browns, botanical greens, and soft clay tones, they are also popular among interior planners for providing homey coziness and an organic outlook.

Navy blue is one of the colors that stands out in this palette. This richly dark shade is classic and adaptable, adding a perfect shadow for bursts of color or metallic finishes. Navy blue can be used with warm neutrals like camel or olive green for a comfy and welcoming space or with crisp whites and brass for a more modern and sophisticated appearance.

Charcoal gray is another cool and urban shade that no Minnesota home can do without. This coy shade may be dressed up or down for a living room or bedroom, or alternatively your kitchen. Combine charcoal gray with warm woods, metal accents, and jewel tones like emerald green or amethyst purple for an elegant and luxurious look.

If you want to make a very strong statement that is bold and dramatic, think about the magnetism of black. However, black is usually interpreted as a cold and offputting color, but black can make space seem deeper and more intimate when used appropriately. When you pair black walls with warm lighting, soft textiles, and metallic accents you create a cozy, yet modern style atmosphere that is inviting.

Mixing and Matching Colors

Bathroom with peach coloured wall

Emotive and state-of-the-art themes can certainly help to add more richness and profoundness to your private premises. Still, I also suggest finding the balance between these tones with a few complementing shades and textures.

Navy Blue and Rust Orange

This color scheme is very eye-catching and provides a warm feeling at the same time. The calm feeling of the dark blue alludes to a romantic and cozy little corner, whereas the warm orange creates a vivid aspect of the bedroom.

Charcoal Gray and Mustard Yellow

This is an outstanding mix of cool and warm colors. Charcoal gray exalts the overall image and makes it more interesting, while mustard yellow with all its shades jokes around and colors up everything.

Forest Green and Blush Pink

If you wish to have a creative and at the same time happy picture, one choice is to mix up the forest green with blush pink. This pattern, with its regularity and improbability, rouses a mild sense of surprise and inexpressible delight; it is an unusual thing that appears to be three-dimensional.

Plum Purple and Camel Tan

Lean into the pampering and luxury of these moody colors by choosing a few hues that blend perfectly to create an ultramarine and machine-washable ensemble. Plum purple should be combined with dark drama for a very classy and elegant look while using tan helps to be the warmest and most tell-marking statement.

Average Painting Costs in Minnesota

Painter using paint roller

When planning your home renovation, budgeting the painting costs is crucial. Prices can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the room, work requirements, and the quality of paint. Here's a rough estimate to guide you:

Interior Painting

Of course, you will be required to pay $2 to $6 per square foot on average for interior painting in Minnesota. This includes labor and raw and ready-made materials.

Exterior Painting

For outside painting, in the case of a standard-range home, the price can vary from $1,500 to $4,000($1.4 to $5 per square foot), but mainly depends on the complexity of the project.

*The values provided here are the approximate values and may vary depending on factors like product cost, labor, and so on.

Tips for a Successful Paint Job

To ensure a flawless finish and lasting results, consider the following tips:

Preparation is Key

Pre-painting the surface and ensuring the cleaning of the walls with proper light reflections means a homogeneous and correctly lighted wall is achieved.

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of budgeting on cheap paints, take time and invest more in good paints and tools which quality service if properly used will grant you a long-lasting professional outcome.

Test Before You Commit

Remember that it is necessary to test the color choices on a small part of the wall to check how they will look in different lighting conditions.

Hire Professionals

Regardless of do-it-yourself or professional remodeling contractors painting, a wide range of individuals choose DIY, but professional painting services save your time and prevent you from errors. The professional remodeling contractors make sure the painting is done flawlessly and also gives a good finishing touch.


By making the right color selection and hiring a professional painter, you will be able to give the interior of your house a completely new feel. Try warm and modern palettes to generate depth and refinement, and combine the warm and the cool tones to create a harmonious room. Invest in premium quality materials and hire a reputable contractor for a paint job that is upgrading your interior design.

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