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Best Kitchen Bath Remodeling Contractors|| Trustworthy Remodelers

Updated: Jan 9


Kitchen bath Remodeling contractors

Kitchen bath remodeling contractors can be challenging to locate when it comes to finding the perfect one. It's a tough nut to crack. A well-designed kitchen and bathroom are not just spaces but reflections of your personality and lifestyle. They are used daily and serve as a palace of relaxation. Keeping them well-equipped and stylish makes your home valuable and improves your life's quality.

Follow us to the importance of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, the latest techniques in the Minnesota market, how to choose the right kitchen bath remodeling contractors and who are the top contractors in the market.

What is the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling?

Kitchen bath Remodeling contractors

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the bathroom is the sanctuary of self-care. Remodeling breathes life into these spaces, making them uniquely yours.

As such, kitchen and bathroom remodeling involves changing the existing design of the kitchen and bathroom with extra functionalities like replacing appliances or installing new fixtures among others in line with one’s comfort and enjoyable space. If you are looking for someone to handle such complicated work, then the kitchen bath remodeling contractors would be your best choice.

Techniques Used in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Minnesota, USA:

Kitchen bath Remodeling contractors

The climatic condition of Minnesota is a continental climate with cold, often frigid winters and hot, humid summers. So the kitchen and bathrooms have to be remodeled to suit both the climatic conditions. Also, the kitchen bath remodeling contractors should consider factors such as,

  1. Energy Efficient - Remodeling Services ensures using highly energy-efficient home appliances, lighting, and insulation products can help reduce energy consumption which indirectly leads to savings in Electricity Bills.

  2. Moisture Control - Using proper ventilation and moisture control helps prevent molds and mildew growth in winter climates.

  3. Winterization - Remodeling Services ensure that the plumbing system is properly insulated and protected from freezing during snowy winters. The pipe damage can be avoided.

The kitchen bath remodeling contractors should be aware of the modern techniques and some of the modern techniques used in the market are,

1. Smart Appliances - Smart appliances offer various benefits like remote control, energy savings, voice comments, etc. Make sure your home is upgraded to smart and modern appliances to attract your guests.

The smart appliances in the market for kitchens are,

  • Smart Oven

  • Smart Refrigerator

  • Smart Cooktops

  • Smart Dishwashers

  • Hidden Storage Solutions

  • Quartz Countertops

  • Wood-Look Tile Flooring

The smart appliances in the market for bathrooms are,

  • Smart Lighting in Bathrooms

  • Smart Toilets

  • Frameless Shower Enclosures

  • Touchless Faucets and Soap Dispensers

  • Freestanding Tubs

  • Walk-In Showers

These products are mainly operated by WIFI and they can be controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart devices.

2. Using 3D visualization - Kitchen bath remodeling contractors are now using visual tools to virtually remodel your ideas and create a preview design of the work before execution. This technique is used for easy visualization of the ideas and easy modification before implementation.

Choosing the right Remodeling Contractors:

Kitchen bath Remodeling contractors

Choosing the right Kitchen bath remodeling contractors is the crucial part and they play a vital role in creating your home a unique style. The factors that are to be considered for choosing a perfect contractor in Minnesota, USA are,

  1. Experience - The experience of the contractor can be identified by their previously completed remodeled kitchen and bathroom designs.

  2. License and Insurance - Kitchen bath remodeling contractors should be properly licensed and insured to cover the damages caused during remodeling.

  3. Communication - The contractors must be well communicative so that they clearly showcase the ideas for your dream kitchen and bathroom space.

  4. Warranty - Be informed about the warranties that the Kitchen bath remodeling contractors provide for the materials and appliances used.

  5. Get Proper Quote - Transparency in pricing is a cornerstone of a trustworthy contractor. It ensures that clients have a clear understanding of the value they receive for their investment.

"Quality is not an act; it is a habit. The best contractors consistently deliver excellence, turning visions into timeless spaces." - Aristotle

How to Find Kitchen Bath Remodeling Contractors

The 3 major ways to find remodeling contractors are,

  1. Online - Check for Google on the nearest contractor in your location and also check for the review of the business on Google My Business for the contractor

  2. Word of mouth - The best way to find good Kitchen bath remodeling contractors is word of mouth. Ask your friends or relatives about the best contractor.

  3. Home improvement stores - Many home improvement stores provide a list of recommended contractors in your locality. The home improvement stores in Minnesota, USA are Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, etc.

Top 10 Kitchen bath remodeling contractors in Minnesota, USA:

Kitchen bath Remodeling contractors

  1. Jacobson Construction, Inc., Rick Jacobson (more than 30 years in home remodeling). Rick has an expert knowledge of the industry and will make sure the project gets completed at a stipulated time and within the budget. Rick’s team keeps the client informed about the process and gives detailed designs in 3D renderings as well as the floor plan. Jacobson is marked as one of the top Kitchen bath remodeling contractors.

  2. Bluestem Remodeling – For customized design and build remodeling solutions that focus on effective communication and a common understanding, many residents in the Twin Cities choose Bluestem from the list of Kitchen bath remodeling contractors. Their team of expert technicians guides timely and delivery promptly which reflects in a clean and beautiful style to your dream house. Blue Stem Remodeling is awarded as NARI contractor of the year. - Winner of multiple awards, certified remodeler, certified green professional, HOUZZ best of service (2017-2020), guild quality/nari-mn excellence in service (2020).

  3. APEX Design-build is a firm that offers the best renovation services. The Kitchen bath remodeling contractors provide high-quality professional design and management services for any sized project such as kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, basements, porches/decks, and energy upgrades. Awards such as NARI’s 2017 MN Contractor of the Year and 2018 Regional Contractor of the Year. The owner “JB” Bianchini, Certified Remodeler, Aging In Place Specialist, and Kitchen and Bath Remodeler, maintain quality. APEX has an EPA certification concerning lead remediation and also takes part in the Minnesota Green Path Energy Efficiency Program.

  4. Orchid Remodeling— The Kitchen bath remodeling contractors believe that clients’ desires should be surpassed. They apply new technology with their joint approach of innovative design solution ideas and partner in input to clients’ suggestions. The services are aimed at creating comfortable environments for clients especially when it comes to the renovation of bathrooms and kitchen areas.

  5. St. Croix Kitchen & Bath – St. Croix Kitchen and Bath are experts in both residential and commercial designs. Certified, bonded, and licensed plumbers, and electricians who are insured plumbers. They are well-known Kitchen bath remodeling contractors in Minnesota.

  6. Titus Contracting - Titus Consulting is a Provider of full-service design/build remodeling. They have well-equipped carpenters to craft client's thoughts into a dream peace design. They operate in Burnsville, Minnesota and we operate across the Twin Cities. Certified subzero / wolf, which extends the client’s warranty offering. For More, Visit: Kowalske. Titus Contracting in other words means Best Kitchen Bath remodeling contractors in Minnesota. Adopting innovation, modernization, and technology into their operations gives them an edge over other players in the construction industry.

  7. Home Restoration Services, Inc. - Home Restoration Services are experts in home remodeling with covers the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the home. They ensure a smooth and successful renovation process. The Kitchen Bath remodeling contractors have received many awards. They are Best of Houzz 2013-2022. 2015 Chrysalis Award-Bath Remodel, 2015 Regional CotY Award, 2014 COTY Award, COTY Award, Universal Design 2009 COTY Award.

  8. Minnesota Kitchens, LLC - Minnesota Kitchen is located in the southern Minnesota area. They are specialized in customizing kitchen and bathroom designs. From initial design to final remodeling, they make sure the design compiles the customer’s requirements. Member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association Best of Houzz 2020 Winner A+ BBB Rating A HomeAdvisor Rating Licensed Kitchen Bath remodeling contractor.

  9. MCC Kitchen, Bath & Closet Renovations - MCC brings your dream home to life with luxury kitchen & bath renovations, custom cabinets, organization solutions, countertops, flooring, and furnishings. They partner with top manufacturers like Daltile, Zuri, Royal Building Products, Royal Pedic, and Hooker to offer the best in style and quality. The Kitchen Bath remodeling contractors have received many awards. They are Better Business Bureau, Best of Houzz Service Award, Minneapolis Contractors Choice won Alignable, 2021 Local Business of the Year.

  10. Homecare Inc. Remodeling - Homecare Inc. has been extending its service in the industry of remodeling since 1960. They have a long-standing reputation for excellence and affordability in the Twin Cities area. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their team of highly skilled union carpenters, boasting decades of experience and over 30 years of combined service with Homecare Inc. Remodeling. To Know our services visit: Urban Refurbishment.

Kitchen and bath remodeling


Keep updated with the new products available in the Minnesota market and go for products that can withstand the area’s climate and save on energy. Consider smart appliances, hidden storage solutions, touchless fixtures, quartz countertops, and wood-look tile flooring among others for a kitchen remodeling project. To do a luxurious bathroom remodeling on a shoestring budget choose freestanding tubs, walk-in showers, heated floors, smart toilets, and frameless showers.

Lastly, it should be our main objective to select Kitchen bath remodeling contractors who understand your style, communicate well, and have completed successful projects. The right team will help you turn your kitchen and bathroom into more than functional places in which they don’t just satisfy your needs, but go beyond them. Happy remodeling!

Are you seeking the best Kitchen bath remodeling contractors in Minnesota, USA? Urban Refurbishment is your answer. With our highly trained technicians, we cater to your dreams of a serene and aesthetic space.


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