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Best Tips From Leading Home Renovation Contractors In USA|| Expertise Level Prefection

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Why Renovate our Home?

Is your home feeling more like a museum exhibit than a cozy home? Then it's the time to upgrade or renovate your home. Renovation doesn’t mean fixing your home but it's about transforming your life! 

Home Renovation Contractors

Let your guests and friends make a WOW when entering your home! Home is not just a place to live but also a place of reputation among your friends and family. Home renovation contractors comply with your expectations, add value to your home, and reduce energy bills. 

Hire Professional Contractors

Professional home renovation contractors streamline the renovation process by managing various aspects such as project planning, coordination of subcontractors, obtaining permits, and streaming project flow. Professional contractors come with great ideas and techniques in the market.

Also, DIY projects can be fulfilled by home renovation contractors, but they can come with high risk. The contractors fulfill the requirements without compensating with construction, electrical work, plumbing, and other trades to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the longevity of the renovation. 

Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovation includes from kitchen renovation to swimming pool setup which covers flooring to appliance installation. The Home renovation contractors help you in the proper utilization of the space in your home.

From small houses to big space homes, they make proper plans for it like utilizing your staircase area, the area near the shower in your bathroom, the kid’s bedroom, and so on. Home renovation contractors prepare an outline plan of the renovation types and their time consumption with the budget.

The Home bathroom remodel is the process of renovating or updating an existing bathroom. It can involve anything from minor changes like replacing fixtures to major structural changes like moving plumbing or adding a new window.

A bathroom remodel can be a significant investment, but it can also be a very rewarding one. A well-designed and executed bathroom remodel can make your home more enjoyable, valuable, and functional.

Top 8 Home Renovation Ideas Within Your Pocket:

Home Renovation Contractors

1. Upgrading Front Doors - “Face is the index of the mind” - The front door is the first look of your home. So change the front door to enhance the curb appeal of your home. The front door renovation includes changing colors to adding smart door features based on the space and budget. 

A few ideas for front door renovation are changing the color to bold and vibrant which complements the overall color of the home. home renovation contractors will provide a list of colors and a great choice of colors would be red, navy blue, or vibrant yellow.

Add a double door in the case of large space homes that can give a royal look to your home and is also useful in moving large furniture in and out of the home. 

Add glass inserts to your front door to brighten your with natural sunlight. Optionally installing frosted or texture glasses adds privacy while still allowing sunlight to keep your home bright.

Changing to wooden doors adds a classic and warm look, they also add aesthetic value to your home. For a modern look go with metal or fiberglass materials. Ask your home renovation contractors about smart door features like video doorbells, smart locks, or integrated lighting. 

Staircase Area Home Renovation Contractors

2. Staircase area - Houses with internal staircases always tend to avoid using the under-staircase area. The space can be used by adding cabinets, pullout drawers, floating shelves, etc. Also, home renovation contractors can help you create a reading area by adding comfortable chairs & tables, and shelves for organizing the books. Otherwise can be converted into a pet house with a bed.

3. Upgrade your kitchen countertops - Upgrading kitchen countertops gives a new look to your home. Home renovation contractors spend valuable time designing the countertop that suits your home. The types of kitchen countertops are granite, Quartz, marble, butcher block, concrete, stainless steel, and so on.  

Granite Kitchen countertops are made of natural stone which is luxurious, elegant, and durable. Engineered Quartz countertops are durable, low maintenance, and resistant to strain and scratches. 

Marbles are durable too but require more maintenance since it more easier to get strains and scratches. Butcher blocks are also called wooden countertops which are made of wood planks. They add a warm and natural look but require regular maintenance of oily surfaces or cleaning the splits immediately to avoid strainings. 

Home Renovation Contractors

The concrete countertops offer modern and industrial aesthetic value. These countertops can be customizable and they are highly protective from strains, and moisture. When it comes to maintenance these countertops have to be sealed regularly and cleaned with mild pH-neutral cleaners. Harsh or abrasive chemicals might damage the surface.  

Stainless steel is a modern and sleek choice for kitchens. They are highly heat resistant and corrosion. Home renovation contractors use high-grade stainless steel material to ensure the countertops are easy to clean and keep your kitchen hygienic.

Your small kitchen will look more spacious with stainless steel countertops.  

4. Installation of Dimmers in the Living Room - Installing dimmers in your living room can be a great way to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the space. Proper balancing of light is required to maintain overheating of the lights. 

The dimmer switch offers a wide range of lighting intensities, enabling us to create different atmospheres in the living room. The dimmer can be used with LED lights to save energy. 

If you are adding home theatre to your living then we can play with the dimmers to create bright intensity for reading, mild intensity for lounge, and movie tickets. Grab a popcorn pack and prepare for your theatre-like lighting experience with the dimmers. 

5. Safety Updates for the Bathroom - Home Bathroom Renovation simply means updating or installing a new vanity, bathtub, shower, toilets, flooring, and adding safety measures. Safety updates are essential in the bathroom to ensure a comfortable and secure environment.

Curbless showers or low-curb showers are great choices for small space bathrooms. The use of a built-in or foldable shower bench is apt for people who have issues with long-time standing and creates a comfortable seating option. Opt for a handheld shower that can adjust to different heights to allow greater flexibility and make your shower comfortable and easy. 

Anti-scald devices should be devices for all bathrooms to avoid hot water burns. This device keeps monitoring the water temperature and avoids the risk of accidental burns. 

6. Display shelves in Kid's Bedroom - It’s a fun time for home renovation contractors to renovate the kid's bedroom. The kid's bedroom usually involves beds either single or rack based on the space available with a study table and cabinets and organizers.

Floating shelves can be installed in various shapes and sizes to create an interesting and dynamic wall display. Also, a mix of framed artwork, small toys, and decorative items can be added to make it more attractive. Finally, add a magnetic or chalkboard allowing the kids to customize or practice on the board. 

Dinner Area Home Renovation Contractors

7. Bright up your Dinner Area - Installing handing lights just above the dinner table makes the dining area more spacious and bright. Home renovation contractors will have a great choice of lighting ideas.

The next option would be pendant lights. Pendant lights are versatile and stylish. They are hung from the ceiling suspended by a chord, metal rod, or chain. Pendant lights are available in a wide range of designs from sleek and modern to vintage or industrial.

The common types of pendant light used are bowl pendants, drum pendants, mini pendants, and linear pendants. For more info click: Home Renovation. The other types of lights are drum-shaped pendants, sputnik pendants, Rustic or Farmhouse fixtures, linear suspension lights, LED light strips, and so on. 

8. Entry Space usage - Create a mini mudroom in the entry space for practical and a stylish addition. Built-in benches and cubbies can be installed for storing cubbies underneath for shoes. Comfortable spot for putting on and taking off shoes. Add Hooks and pegs for hanging coats, hats, bags, and umbrellas. 

Home renovation contractors make sure that proper rugs, mats, lighting, and color codes are installed properly so that the entry space sinks with the rest of the room and also helps in keeping the dirt spread to other rooms. 

Also, the entry room can incorporated with indoor plants to add a pleasant and natural look to the mudroom area. Be careful in choosing indoor plants. Plants with less maintenance are a great choice. A few choices of indoor plants are,

  1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria) - sword-like leaves

  2. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) - glossy

  3. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) - cascading vines with heart-shaped leaves

  4. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) - arching leaves with baby plantlets

  5. Succulents (e.g., Aloe Vera, Echeveria, or Haworthia) - Drought-tolerant plants with fleshy leaves


There are a lot more ideas and factors that will help you out with the best home renovation. we understand how much you’re investing in your whole home remodel, and because of this, we’re dedicated to helping you bring your unique renovation to life with a stress-free renovation process. Our Home renovation contractors make sure that your home is renovated that go along with the diverse climate of Minnesota.

We look forward to helping you enhance your home to better meet your family’s evolving needs and lifestyle!  Book a free consultation for your queries at Urban Refurbishment.


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