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Hire #1 Contractors For Kitchen Remodel || A Complete Guide

Updated: Jun 20

Contractors For Kitchen Remodel

Want to remodel your kitchen? Kitchen Remodel services mean upgrading your kitchen from old boring to a fully functional space with comfy cabinets to a spacious cooking area. Urban refurbishment is here to assist you with the tips and tricks to update your kitchen to a fully functional cooking and reduce the burden on the environment.

Certain things are to be considered while remodeling the kitchen in Minnesota homes. The hardwood floors can crack, titles can become loose, pipes may freeze or burst, and so on. The materials should be durable to withstand the hot summer and snowy winters. 

Fun & Easy Kitchen Area:

During long winters, we spend most of the time indoors. So the kitchen remodeling contractor should focus mainly on functionality. Focusing on functionalities there are certain elements to be considered. They are, 

  1. The dining area should be spacious with proper seating 

  2. Customized storage solutions

  3. Adding a pantry closet or cabinets for extra storage

  4. Smart Kitchen technologies like WIFI enable appliances that are both modern and make our work simple. 

  5. Consider using ECO-Friendly products like bamboo or recycled glass countertops.

  6. Use of water-conserving sink faucets. According to the Environment Protection Agency, the faucet's standard water flow rate is 2.2 gallons per minute(GPM). A faucet with 1.5 GPM or less is considered water efficient and it uses air-infusion technology(mix of water to reduce the amount of water used). Consider using pull-out faucets, single-hand faucets, double-hand faucets, and hand-free faucets. 

  7. Use of Energy-efficient appliances. The appliances in your home that use major electricity are Refrigerators, water heaters, heaters, and air conditioners. Before changing the appliances consider their Energy Star and functionalities. Consider less energy consumption of dishwashers, and also replace your lighting with LED. 

The most popular kitchen trends in Minnesota are, 

  1. Rustic - The rustic design uses natural elements like wood beams, stone surfaces, and metal finishes. 

  2. Farmhouse style - The Farmhouse style uses subway tiles, and apron front sinks having an antique accent. 

  3. Modern - The modern style involves a sleek design with custom cabinetry and high-end stainless appliances. 

Assessing your needs and budgeting

Contractors For Kitchen Remodel

Before starting kitchen remodeling work, it’s crucial to assess your needs and lifestyle. Factors such as kitchen space, storage requirements, cooking habits, and overall people flow in the kitchen have to be considered. First research average costs, break them down, and then seek financing options if required. 

The Next step would be to assess the culinary needs. 

  1. Usage of the kitchen area - How do you use your kitchen - Solo or family gatherings? Do you have family meetups or parties often? 

  2. What functionalities could be improved - Is the kitchen already equipped? Is the storage insufficient or countertop layout overcrowded? The pain points and areas for improvement have to be listed.

  3. Identify the cooking style or workflow - The cooking style simply means how well the kitchen space and equipment are used. The user can be a passionate baker, a master chef, or a weekend brunch enthusiast. This section is required to identify the usage methods so that the provided style can influence the design and functionalities of your new kitchen.

  4. Make sure the requirements meet the remodeling budget. 

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The contractors for kitchen remodel will guide you on the current trends and long-lasting ideas. From layout selection to adding rugs they will provide the best budget-friendly designs. 

1. Layout Selection:

The first step you take on the kitchen renovation is the layout selection. The layout selection depends on the people flow to the functionalities. So choose the layout design wisely. The popular options are, 

L-shaped kitchens: Efficient and perfect for smaller spaces, offering extended countertop space and easy movement.

U-shaped kitchens: The ultimate chef's dream, providing abundant workspace and storage along three walls.

Galley kitchens: Perfect choice for a kitchen with narrow space. Parallel countertops will be used to maximize the efficient use of available space.

Open concept kitchens: It is also called a modern layout. Best fit for entertainment and casual family. No walls separating the preparation from the dining/living space. 

Over the above layouts, open concept kitchen helps increase the resale value of your home. Once you've chosen your layout, remember the golden rule: “The work triangle”. Imagine a triangle connecting your refrigerator, sink, and stovetop. This trio forms the backbone of your kitchen, so optimize their placement for minimal movement and maximum efficiency.

2. Durable and Attractive Flooring:

Once the layout selection is done. The next focus should be on the flooring. Considering the climatic conditions of Minnesota. Flooring material has to be durable, and beautiful. The flooring material has to withstand the diverse climate with easy cleaning function.  

So, Join Urban Refurbishment to explore the fascinating world of kitchen flooring!

The flooring materials popularly available in the market are, 

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

  • Hardwood

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

  • Natural Stone

  • Linoleum

Choosing the right flooring goes beyond just the material. Consider factors such as texture, color pattern, underfoot comfort, budget, etc. Remember, your chosen contractors for kitchen remodeling can be an invaluable resource when it comes to flooring selection.

They will provide expert advice on material suitability, installation options, and cost considerations. Feel free to discuss your needs and preferences with them to ensure you choose the perfect flooring for your culinary kingdom.

3. Backsplash

Contractors For Kitchen Remodel

Backlash is the underrated hero of the kitchen, adding a touch of personality and protecting your walls from damage. But its impact goes far beyond. Choosing the right material is important. Choose a perfect backsplash that blends with the paint and layout of the home. 




Ceramic Tiles - Classic Choice


Available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns 

Easy to clean




Skilled professions required for installation

Natural Stone - Touch of Luxury


Easy to clean

Increases home value



Skilled professions required for installation

Glass - a modern marvel

Modern and sleek 

Easy to clean

Reflects light

Available in various colors and finishes

Regular maintenance is required

Can be scratched by abrasive materials


Requires careful measurement and professional installation for a seamless finish.

Metal - An Industrial Edge


Easy to clean

Modern and industrial aesthetic


Shows fingerprints


May cause dent

Skilled professions required for installation

Mosaic Tile - A Playful Palette


Easy to clean


Creates a focal point in your kitchen



Skilled professions required for installation

4. Countertops: Give them pride

Countertops are the backbone of the kitchen.  From a recent survey in the USA, it's said that homes with updated countertops have increased resale value. So it's important to carefully select the best countertop that is more durable and fits the interior of your home. 

Make sure to choose countertops that are natural stone since they possess high durability, are easy to clean to stay hygienic, and timeless design. The a wide range of countertops available in the market and the best among them is granite countertops. The Granite countertops are the best and most popularly used countertops.

They stand out from others due to their unmatchable durability, heat resistance, strain resistance, hygiene properties, and investment value.

The cost of the granite countertops are bit high but they don’t compromise with the quality and design. They are a long-term investment and also increase the value of your home. Whereas Laminate countertops are budget-friendly and made of synthetic materials or man-made materials. 

The other countertop materials used are Quartz(a mix of natural quartz and resins), marble(natural stone), Butcher block(made from strips of wood), Soapstone (made of quarried stone), Ceramic tiles, Concrete, and stainless steel. To Know more about us and our services click on: Urban Refurbishment.

5. Cabinets and Shelves: Update creativity

Contractors For Kitchen Remodel

Shelves are open, easy to access, and less expensive. The different types of shelves are available. They are open shelves, floating shelves, closed shelves, or corner shelves. The open shelves can showcase decorative items. The floating or closed shelves can be used to organize wine bottles and glasses. This creates a modern and minimalist look. The main drawback is that they catch up dust and constant maintenance is required. 

Cabinets are used for storing items. They require less maintenance and is easy to hide things that you don’t want to display. Cabinets are a bit expensive and have to be customized with the paint, and floorings of the home. 

A few popular designs in cabinets are shaker cabinets, modern cabinets, rustic cabinets, and traditional cabinets. The pull-out drawers can be functional and give a modern look to the home. The deep drawers provide plenty of space to store large items whereas the small drawers are storage for easy-access items like pots, pans, utensils, and so on. 

6. Seating Ideas - Comfort enhancement

Contractors For Kitchen Remodel

The seating area is the gathering place for laughter and shared meals, and also the quiet place for mornings with coffee. A variety of options are available in the seating organization. They depend on the size of your family and budget. 

Islands & Peninsulas: The Kings & Queens of Seating. They offer more space for gathering, and food preparation, and also comfort for casual dining. They are the ideal choice for families and social gatherings. 

Tables & Chairs: The Classic Companions. The table can be either round or square with dining chairs with stylish backs and armrests. Choosing the table style enhances the overall dining area. 

Utilize the corner space of the kitchens. For small space kitchens, the best choice is to convert the corner spaces with inbuilt benches with added cushions and pillows for comfort. 

7. Add-ons to the Kitchen Area

The additional or final touches to the kitchen remodel would be adding the ceiling fans, lighting, upgrading the cookware, refrigerators, and adding an area rug. The fans are a great way to manage the smell and heat coming from cooking. They provide proper ventilation to your home. 


Communication with your contractors for kitchen remodel is key throughout the project. Stay informed, voice any concerns promptly, and celebrate milestones together.

Want to know Urban Refurbishment better? Schedule a call today or reach us via email at:


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