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Where To Find Bathroom Remodel Contractors: Minneapolis, MN

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Minnesota is a beautiful place with a diverse climate. Keeping your home updated both luxurious and well-equipped is important. Bathroom remodel contractors focus on wet areas, plumbing rework, flooring, new range fixtures, swapping outdated bathroom systems, and more.

Bathroom remodel contractors are the superheroes who are the right people to turn your bathroom into an elegant space. Before starting bathroom remodeling we have to keep a few points in mind.

They are purpose and usage - whether it is a guest bathroom, child bathroom, or family bathroom, be cautious on the spacing - whether they are comfortable in accomplishing organizers, Style, and Budgeting - make sure these both satisfy the customer needs and finally the accessibility and improved functionality. 

Why to Remodel the Bathroom?

Everyone has their design and way of living. Remodeling a home or a specific space comes when they don’t meet our expectations. The answer to the question is that your bathroom needs more functionality to increase the value of the home or to create a spa-like oasis. Bathroom remodel contractors will help you with the remodeling process. 

Process of Remodeling bathroom:

The process of remodeling the bathroom starts with an analysis of whether the customer wants to remodel the entire bathroom or add a few add-ons. The steps performed by Bathroom remodel contractors are,

  1. Planning - Here the remodeling contractors meet up with the clients and get their requirements. The contractors create an outline plan of changes based on the requirements, including flooring, fixtures, tub showers, plumbing, etc.

  2. Permit and Inspection - The remodeling contractors are responsible for obtaining the relevant permit and licensing before starting the work. Since any damages caused during the remodeling can be covered with it. 

  3. Demolition and other - Once the permit is received, the work starts with demolition. Other works involve checking and replacing bathroom draining issues to avoid unpleasant smells, replacing the wall insulations where using hammers can be dangerous so the remodeling contractors carefully saw to cut off the panels, and removing the outdated vanity, mirror, and storage cabinets. 

  4. Design - The design begins with flooring, adding fixtures, modifying or adding new plumbing works, replacing showers, green bathrooms, adding new cabinets, etc. 

  5. Final touch - The final part of the remodeling is trimming, painting, adding lighting, and so on. 

So your rejuvenation and Relaxed Bathroom is ready to go with the full effort of Bathroom remodel contractors…

How to Replace the shower and basin?

Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Before replacing the shower make sure there is no water damage to the subfloors or rotten wood, and then go ahead with shower replacement. Choose a round or square shower that fits the bathroom space.

Also, Bathroom remodel contractors choosing a basin depends on the size and accessories in the room, if the bathroom is small then go ahead with a pentangle basin that is cut off in one corner, and adding a cabinet below the basin is a great space saver. For large bathrooms keep them luxurious with double basins. 

The basin can differ also based on the room usage for guest bathrooms keep them one unique and for family bathrooms keep it a double basin. 

The best idea is to install a Walk-in shower and bathtub together as a space saver and within budget. Also, the Walk-in showers are a great choice that adds resale value to your home. 

How to Lay a New Floor for the Bathroom:

Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Bathroom remodel contractors peel the sub-floor carefully and start adding the new flooring. In the current market, we have great choices for flooring either going with ceramic or naturally with bamboo materials.

The material choice depends on the usage and budget. The materials used for flooring are Ceramic Tile, Vinyl or Linoleum, Cork Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Wood and Laminate flooring. 

The Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used and specific for their extended qualities. They are classic, water-proof, durable, and stain-resistant. The ceramic tiles are quite slippery so it’s safe to choose tiles that are certified as slipper-resistant.

Also, the ceramic tiles come in different colors, so choosing from the wide range of colors is quite hard. White is a classic choice in case you choose ceramic tiles for your bathroom flooring.

Installing the ceramic tiles is quite tricky for the remodeling contractors. Huge tiles installation makes your bathroom look big and money-saving whereas small tiles consume more time and labor. Make sure your Bathroom remodel contractors add certified slipper-resistant tiles. 

Vinyl or Linoleum flooring is friendly. Same as ceramic they are stain-proof and waterproof and the added advantage is that they are softer than wood or tiles. So same as ceramic this flooring is more prone to getting slippery due to its feather-soft quality.

Vinyl installation is easy but requires professional Bathroom remodel contractors. The disadvantage of this flooring is they are soft so it might tear or cause water damage. 

The Cork flooring for bathroom remodeling are made of bark and they are totally environment friendly. They are renewable resources also they are more water resistant. To make it completely water-resistant and damage-free the Bathroom remodel contractors make sure to coat the flooring with polyurethane topcoat.

The main disadvantage is that they fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight to the bathroom area.  For more info visit: Bathroom Remodel.

Bamboo flooring is completely natural and adds a touch to the natural feel of your bathroom area. The Bathroom remodel contractors make sure that the bamboo flooring is fixed by experts. These kinds of flooring are eco-friendly.

The cheap bamboo bathroom flooring gets scratched easily and no assurance of the quality. Be sure to inform the remodeling contractors to craft engineered bamboo flooring for a long and durable life. The main disadvantage of bamboo flooring is that its strength in moving heavy things is to be done carefully and using roller wheels or protector pads. 

Wood flooring creates a warm and classic look. They are made of real wood plywood which is resistant to water-resistant and durable. Lamination flooring is a look-alike of wood and is resistant to scratch and strain. 

Hanging Dry Wall & Painting:

Drywalls are large sheets screwed on the existing walls to create a great commercial view of the bathroom space. Installing drywalls takes a lot of time and careful handling by Bathroom remodel contractors.  

Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Painting on an existing wall or a new painting is a great skill of art. The paints reflect our mood. If there is any existing painting on the wall make sure to remove them with scrubs and clean them firmly. Primer acts as a guardian for the walls and enhances the longevity of paint. 

Adding storage and vanity: Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Storage space is required to store shampoos, perfumes, medicines, and other cleaning accessories. Adding a vanity is a great choice which is a combination of mirrors, a cabinet, wash basin on a long table space. The vanity also comes with lighting. It is simply called a sink with storage space.

The Bathroom remodel contractors make sure that the faucets on the vanity are leakage-proof. Installing a good quality sink drain and overflow stopper is a brilliant idea to overcome drain and odor.  

Ideas to light your Bathroom:

Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Bathroom remodel contractors not only protect your bathroom hardware and give a good comfortable environment but also help keep your bathroom bright. Keeping your bathroom bright is helpful for your personal use. Shame in bright light or else you might have marks on your face.

Lights can be fixed on the ceiling, near vanity and shower areas. LED lights are a great choice for the entire home since they are energy efficient. 

We have a great choice for lighting in the bathroom remodeling. Spotlights can be used for shower areas, if you have a large bathroom area then go for a luxurious ceiling decor light or large pendant lights fixed above the bathtub. They are more elegant and offer a royal look to your bathroom. For best services reach out to us: Urban Refurbishment.

Bathroom remodel contractors help in adding crafty ideas with floral vase lights near the vanity to create an antique and artistic touch to the bath area. Even the mirrors on the vanity can be outlined with flower designs to complete the look.

Motion sensor lights can be used in the shower and vanity area to turn on/off when there is a human interface. This saves a lot of energy and avoids switches. 

Finally, Bathroom remodel contractors complete the lighting by securing the switches and wirings from water damage to avoid shock. 

Trim and caulk in the Bathroom:

Caulking is the process of securing the toilet joints on the floor to secure it from leakage and silicon-based paste is used in this process. Caulking prevents the flooring from Warping, Swelling Flooring, mold growth, and flooring structural change. Bathroom remodel contractors make sure the caulking is done carefully. 

Trim is decorative and protective elements providing style to your bathroom. It also helps the bathroom flooring and walls avoid moisture and damage. They prevent the walls from damage too. The types of trim are chair rail, crown molding, baseboards, bullnose tile, etc. 

Tips to Maintain your Remodeled Bathroom:

The best way to maintain your bathroom is to clean it regularly and avoid using water near the toilet floors. Install a water softener to avoid hard strains on the tiles and floorings. The water softener treats hard water to soft.

Use high-quality cleaning products. Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning that may cause severe damage to the tiles and flooring materials. Make sure to schedule Bathroom remodel contractors regularly for plumbing checks to avoid drains and bad odor. 


Bathroom remodeling has to be done carefully and perfectly to ensure that there are no issues further. Choose designs that are durable, quality, and stylish. Whether you want a modern bathroom design with sleek lines and minimalist accents or a luxurious spa-like retreat with plush towels, marble countertops, and aromatherapy candles, the possibilities are endless.

The key is to work with experienced and professional Bathroom

remodeling contractors who can guide you through the design process and ensure that your vision is brought to life flawlessly. Get in touch with us at today!


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