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Basement remodeling & laundry room

Updated: Apr 15

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Are you tired of an unfinished or messy basement with a boring and out-of-date laundry room? The time has come to unleash the innate potential in these spaces that are usually neglected and turn them into beautiful, practical areas that improve the quality of your life. Most homeowners in Minnesota need to effectively use the basement space. They think it’s just a place where one puts the old things and it becomes a forgotten corner of the whole house. Yet, designing a pleasant underground haven is a complex task that can be accomplished by adding furniture and decorative elements. Let’s jump into the Basement remodeling & Laundry room journey.

Basement remodeling Journey:

Your basement is nothing but a blank sheet waiting to be drawn to any desired form from your mind. Basement areas can be utilized for various purposes. By utilizing modular furniture and clever storage solutions, the space can be efficiently utilized. The basement allows you to unlock a lot of square footage to customize for your unique interests and needs. Get creative with the layout, lighting, storage solutions, and fun design elements.

1. Home Office/Studio

Office and Studio at home

If you plan to work from home, then the basement office can be the best suite location where you can work peacefully. It can also be utilized for photographic studios, music studios, etc.

2. Game Room

Billboard table in a game room

For growing households, a basement can be a great additional space, whether the kids will have a playroom or a family would like to have a den for entertaining themselves at the end of the day when everyone might need it.

3. Private Home Cinema

Cinema room in a home

Create the ultimate cinematic experience by setting up a home theater system complete with comfortable seating, surround sound, and a large screen. This can become a favorite spot for family movie nights or watching sports events.

4. Bar/Kitchen

Bar cum Kitchen room

Install a wet bar or mini kitchenette in your basement for added convenience during gatherings or entertaining guests. This feature adds functionality and can potentially increase the resale value of your home.

5. Reading Area

Create a comfortable reading corner by incorporating custom-built bookshelves, an inviting seating area, and soft lighting. It offers such a perfect ambiance for people to get away with a book, and also feel the serenity of being alone.

6. Natural Ambience

Transform the ambiance of your basement with some large windows, glass doors, or even sun tunnels which you can use to let in as much natural light as possible. This is true not only because it adds some spark and color but it also makes it more relaxing.

7. Relaxing space

A room for relaxing with relaxing lounge

Relaxing spas such as home spas, Sauna or Steam rooms, massage rooms, hydrotherapy, salon stations, etc. Home Spa - Relaxation Lounge focuses on creating a soothing escape with gentle lighting, tranquil colors, lush fabrics, and luxurious materials. Include ample storage for plush towels, robes, and accessories. With some smart planning, you can achieve total relaxation without ever leaving home.

The scope of the basic finishing consists of adding the basic elements that are mainly meant to change the unfinished basement into a conditioned space whose walls have been finished, and whose ceiling has been framed with proper lights, air conditioning, and safety considerations. That in turn allows it to provide customizable bathroom(s), built-ins, flooring, trim, and everything else that may be needed to complete the remodeling project. The remodeling cost ranges from $15,000 to $30,000.

A mid-range basement remodeling job is mostly focused on such meticulous techno-fixtures and facilities as lighting, ventilation, heating, and wiring, along with the addition of some basic finishing work. Here are some of the elements that fall into a mid-range basement remodel: Here are some of the elements that fall into a mid-range basement remodel: bathroom addition, built-in storage/shelving, upgraded flooring, wet bar, wall treatment, fire safety, and ventilation. The remodeling cost ranges from $30,000 to $60,000. A High-end basement renovation is not about just upgrading the basics. Instead, it is to create a truly exclusive and luxurious environment for people who own these high-end properties. These renovations are costly and the purpose is to integrate luxury finishes, customized designs, and entertainment venues or elite home amenities. This involves home theater installation, luxury wet bar/lounge, ultimate game room, lavish spa, home gym, and smart home technology. The remodeling cost ranges from $60,000 and more.

Laundry room remodeling Journey:

A laundry room may be perceived as a very basic place serving one purpose only, but with some imagination, it can be transformed into a sparkling and very practical haven. Imagine, a typical laundry room equipped with sufficient counters for ironing and sorting, enough cupboards for storing supplies, and even the area dedicated to ironing or sewing, and you will see the place. The effective use of smart storage devices and creative lighting ideas can transform this dull room into a beneficial asset that takes care of most of your laundry needs. But why stop at that? Bring your style to life with funky patterns, flashy accent walls, cool appliances, etc. Here are some key elements to consider for a laundry room remodel:

  1. Flooring - Upgrade to water-resistant luxury vinyl planks, tile, or solid surface flooring that can withstand moisture and spills better than basic vinyl or laminate options. Patterns and colors can add visual interest.

  2. Cabinetry - Install ample storage cabinetry to keep supplies organized and surfaces clutter-free. Cabinets that go up to the ceiling maximize space. Built-in shelving for baskets and bins also helps with organization.

  3. Countertops - Add continuous countertop surfaces for folding, sorting, and treating stains. Materials like quartz, solid surfaces, or laminates are durable and easy to maintain. An elevated countertop for folding reduces back strain.

  4. Sinks - A deep utility sink makes soaking, handwashing, or pretreating laundry easier. Situate it under a window if possible for natural light. Faucets with pull-out sprayers are convenient.

  5. Appliances - Replacing outdated washer/dryer sets with new front-loaders increases capacity and efficiency. Stackable units save floor space. Adduren dryers, refresher sanitizers, or built-in ironing stations.

  6. Lighting - Proper task lighting is key. Recessed cans, undercabinet lighting, windows, and even skylight tubes can brighten up the room. Dimmers create ambiance.

  7. Storage & Organization - Integrate hanging rods, built-in drying racks, rolling carts, pullout hampers or baskets, and custom cubbies to keep everything tidy.

  8. Design Touches - Finish it off with decorative touches like patterned tile backsplashes, accent wallpaper, display shelves, furniture-style cabinets, crown molding, and trendy hardware/fixtures.

The cost of renovation depends on the updates made.

  • Basic updates (new flooring, paint, lighting): $2,000 - $5,000

  • Mid-range renovation (cabinets, countertops, appliances): $5,000 - $15,000

  • Luxury renovation (custom cabinetry, high-end appliances): $15,000+

A functional laundry area can be developed out of a modest space through some clever design, storage solutions, and a splash of style. The idea is to have a well-coordinated working hub that separates the laundry chores from the rest and makes them manageable and likely even interesting. Remember you are getting the broadest estimates with real numbers depending on your unique project as well as the location in Minnesota.


Home extension through basement remodeling and laundry room conversion is a striking feature that provides additional room and functionality for your home. These spaces can be turned into interesting nooks, which not only use creativity but also smart storage and design. Thus, they can become perfect personal spaces to suit your lifestyle needs.

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